My Packing Essentials.

So it’s Summer time, and I’m sure lots of you are heading on holiday! In fact, I’m in Cyprus right now, and let me tell you… PACKING IS STRESSFUL. Especially when it comes to packing clothing, and the weight limit on luggage does not help 😦

Since this is a fashion blog, I’m going to be writing about all of my packing essentials when it comes to clothing and vacation outfits…


  1. 1. Maxi Skirts

My new obsession! I recently purchased my first maxi skirt for my vacation to the sunny Cyprus. I think maxi skirts are a must to any destination with beaches, they look really flattering and are a nice change from shorts. They also come in a range of styles and colours and are super easy to style!


2. Bardot tops

Super easy to style (Good with maxi skirts) and perfect for the hot summer weather! I would normally pair a Bardot top with shorts and lots of layered chain chokers.


3. Sunhats

I recently purchased the classic straw floppy hat for my vacation to Cyprus because i think it’s the easiest to style and screams I’M ON HOLIDAY AT THE BEACH!!!


4. Sandals

The most important in elevating a holiday outfit. Although I tried my hardest to buy some colourful items of clothing for my holiday, I came home to find that everything was black or white!! So I use Sandals to add some colour to my minimalistic style. They come in so many different sizes and shapes and styles, the possibilities are endless!


5. The Basics

And my final essential is your basic everyday items of clothing. Items such as denim shorts, T-shirts and plain crop tops that are easy to throw over a swimsuit or pair with a statement piece on holiday.

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