How to: Look Stylish On A Budget


 1. Shoes

My new obsession! I’ve been buying quite a few way too many new shoes lately because  I’ve realised it plays a major role in pulling your whole look together and elevating the outfit completely. My advice is to definitely invest in shoes. Not just trainers, or basic flats. Look for unique shoes, bright colours, different detailing, weird shapes. For example, wearing black jeans and a plain white tee paired with trainers is very casual and basic. However pairing the same outfit with these:

Would add a pop of colour, and the 2-inch heel would elevate the look, and make a boring plain white tee and jeans stylish, without having to overspend on new items of clothing. Both of these gorgeous pairs of shoes are from ASOS, under £20!

This outfit is a perfect example -


Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 13.42.32
Super Casual and plain. But the red loafers add a pop of colour and make the outfit more eye catching. As opposed to black trainers which would make you blend in with the crowd…


2. Bags

Very similar to shoes, in the way that it always helps in adding colour to a monochromatic outfit, or provides an extra detail or shape which makes your look more unique. Bags can normally be very expensive, your favourite bloggers could all be rocking Gucci and Givenchy bags – This is not necessary. Spending more money and wearing designer products doesn’t always equal a stylish outfit. You could walk into Primark and find a gorgeous baby blue cross body bag with gold detailing for only £5, which pulls your entire outfit together without having to splash the big bucks.

When working with bags its important to look at all the different styles and colours, for example on a casual day pair a basic outfit with a yellow backpack for a pop of colour. Or for a more sophisticated outfit, you could pair a little black dress with a small crossbody purse with a gold chain strap.

Here are a few examples -

The first two outfits are super casual and basic, but the pop of colour in the bags are what make them so unique. I love the third image because although the colour of the bag is very neutral and matches with the outfit, it has a unique shape. I’m obsessed with the Ring detail as the handle!


3. Sunglasses

This is by far the easiest step because sunglasses are known for different colours, shapes and sizes so it’s extremely easy to find a unique and stylish pair without overspending, as they’re relatively cheap. Unfortunately, I can’t take full advantage of this step because I live in the cold and gloomy England *sigh*.

Sunglasses are very popular between celebrities and fashion bloggers. Did you notice all three of the women in the images above are wearing sunglasses? Plain black sunglasses can make you look chic, but when rocking a monochromatic look, in need of some colour – sunglasses can help. A lot.

Just look at all these different colours, shapes and styles -


4. Accessories

I’ve been using accessories to spice up my outfits from a very young age, I loved playing with different necklaces, bangles and earrings. However now I pair my outfit with one statement piece rather than piling on a load of jewellery which can very easily make an outfit look tacky. For example at my prom, my dress was very simple (No detailing, embroidery, or bright colour) just a long cream strapless dress. And I made this look more stylish with a metallic clutch (refer to step 2) and a statement necklace from my favourite online jewellery store which has a very wide range of statement necklaces and earrings.

On the contrary, statement pieces aren’t always necessary, I just started wearing very dainty gold chain chokers layered together which adds a stylish detail to my outfit whilst still remaining casual.

The difference that jewellery can make is incredible -

You can find lots of dainty/ statement pieces like these anywhere, for a really good price!


5. Know your stores

The final step is to definitely know which stores fit your budget and to shop there. This is an essential step. For example, when I’m going on a shopping spree and know I want lots of new clothes and accessories, I go to Primark first, because although I can afford Topshop, Primark allows me to find similar items for cheaper prices, therefore, I can buy more there without overspending.

Another tip is: Do not fall under the misconception that cheaper stored offer unstylish or poor pieces of clothing compared to stores such as new look, Topshop, river island, COS, and the list goes on. Primardefinitelyly has some bad stuff I’m aware. However if you’re able to sift through the bad products you can find some amazing bargains there.

So in order to look stylish on a budget, spend that £50 you were going to splurge on one new outfit to get several new accessories that will compliment all the clothes you already have to create new stylish looks for a cheaper price.

Know your stores -

Here are a few of my favourite stores to shop in when I’m on a budget

Primark – Has EVERYTHING!!

Pretty Little thing – Really cute statement pieces of clothing and accessories for cheap prices. Plus they constantly have sales – sells dupes for high-end jewellery brands such as Cartier – My new favourite! Very affordable and constant sales – Little pricier but dupes for designer bags from Gucci and Givenchy etc.


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  1. I adored this post, I agree with you on all of the above mentioned points!! ❤

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