Denim for Days

Denim. By far one of the best fabrics to incorporate into your outfits. It’s versatile, stylish and comes in many forms. Keep reading for a step by step guide to styling the infinite number of denim pieces.

The first piece to come to mind when thinking about denim would be jeans, but since that’s such a large topic in itself due to all the different styles, lengths and shapes, I’ve written a whole blog post dedicated just to styling jeans!!

You can check it out here: CLICK HERE: STYLING JEANS


  1. Denim Jackets

My second favourite (right after jeans of course). Denim jackets are the best because they’re very similar to jeans in the way that there’s an extremely wide range of choice when it comes to

Denim jackets are the best because they’re very similar to jeans in the way that there’s an extremely wide range of choice when it comes to choosing the style of the jacket. For example, you could get a cropped/oversized/distressed/fitted or coloured denim jacket.

  1. Dress: I’ve always thought that the best way to dress up a dress – maxi, midi, or mini – is a denim jacket. Whether it’s petite or oversized. Cropped or distressed. it 100% will always go with a dress! A fitted cropped denim jacket  is quite hard to pull off most of the time, especially when styled with jeans and a jumper because the different proportions tend to ruin the outfit. However, with a dress, it will always look right!(seen in the bottom left corner)
  2. Jeans: The easiest way to style a denim jacket! Pair it with a shirt for a smart casual look. Or wear an oversized distressed denim jacket around your shoulders paired wit a hoodie for an everday laid-back look. The options are endless. But, I would recommend oversized jackets with jeans especially  when worn with a sweater, because the sleeves allow enough room  for the sweater as opposed to a petite/cropped denim jacket.
  3. Skirt: This is a more versatile option you can play around with. I personally fell that you ould pull of a cropped or oversized jacket with a skirt. Pairing a denim jacket with a basic white tee and a denim skirt would be a very stylish double denim ensemble!


2. Denim Skirts

High waisted, longline, midi, mini, pink, blue, black…The list goes on! Denim skirts have been a huge trend for quite a long time now, and I’m a big fan! My favourite way to style a denim skirt is with a bodysuit, this is because denim skirts tend to flare out so pairing with a tight long sleeved top will look very flattering alongside a flowy skirt. Whereas pairing the skirt with a baggy sweater could make you look frumpy…

  1. A tight mini denim skirt + a baggy t shirt + vans for a casual street style
  2. A denim skater skirt with buttons + a long sleeved bodysuit + ankle boots
  3. A distressed mini denim skirt + a cross body bag + a hoodie/bardot top
  4. A midi denim skirt + a blouse + sandals
  5. Midi denim skirt + a denim shirt = a stylish double denim look which resembles a denim dress!

3. Denim Shirts

Such a staple piece! Perfect as work wear, everyday street style, and my personal favourite… LAYERING. I came across denim shirts at a very young age, and was intrigued when i found out that denim can come in a variety of forms besides jeans. So I started experimenting with my denim shirt. I frequently wore the shirt with high waisted skinny jeans, ankle boots, a long sleeve top tucked in, and the shirt unbuttoned over my top to give a casual aspet to my outfit. What I didn’t know back then was that a denim shirt can give a range of different looks for different occassions…

  1. Work wear: A midi leather skirt + denim shirt tucked in + ankle boots
  2. Work Wear: Trousers + denim shirt tucked in + loafers + large tote + Trench coat
  3. Layering: Jeans + white tee + unbuttoned denim shirt +bomber jacket/leather jacket
  4. Double denim: Light blue wash skinny jeans + vans + denim shirt tucked in + tote
  5. Casual: oversized denim shirt + short Shorts underneath + heels/trainers
  6. Street style: Denim shirt buttoned and tied in a knot + midi skirt + heels



That’s all for now. I’ve covered the main and easiet denim items to style. I’m aware theres many more denim pieces of clothing such as shorts and dungarees… Look out for a part two to this denim series!

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