Styling: Jeans

The most basic and versatile piece. The best part about jeans is that it comes in a myriad of styles, shapes and sizes. Now, chances are that you probably wear a simple blue or black pair of jeans on a daily basis – However the key to styling jeans are exploring the endless styles. From mom jeans, straight leg, wide leg, boot-cut, boyfriend jeans to high waisted skinny jeans. Then there’s always the option of ripped jeans which also comes in several different styles. My favourite place to buy jeans is always Topshop. I find they have the widest range of jeans and the best fit!

1. Boyfriend Jeans

Here are a pair of your ordinary boyfriend jeans, from Topshop. They frequently feature large rips on both legs rather than a small slit on the knee for a distressed look. For styling, the options are everlasting. You could pair it with a white shirt, loafers and large tote handbag for a laid-back, smart casual look. Or to add to the grunge distressed vibe it already offers, pairing it with a  basic white tee and leather jacket or a band tee would look just as good. Boyfriend jeans have been extremely popular for the longest time now – You’ve probably seen an abundance of your favourite fashion bloggers and celebs rocking these looks.Screen Shot 2017-07-17 at 13.20.38



As you can see from these images, most look very casual (as you would expect with jeans) But pairing the jeans with heels and a blazer can instantly turn it into a smart casual outfit. Or pairing it with a bomber jacket gives the outfit some extra flare as seen by gigi in the last image.

2. Mom Jeans

A HUUUUGGEE Trend over the past year, constantly seen  online, on celebs, on bloggers – basically everywhere. They are very similar to boyfriend seen but without the huge rips.



As far as styling goes for this style of jean, the options are endless –  I think the best way is to pair mom jeans with trainers and heels. I would stay away from ballet flats and flip flops with these jeans because of their tapered shape they look best with shoes that have height or some platform to them.

3. Wide leg jeans 

Super unique and for that reason, a great statement piece that can be dressed down or up! I haven’t seen this type of jean on many models or celebs at all, its a fairly new trend in stores and i personally love it! I think its a great piece for summer, its flow and resembles culottes and can be stalled accordingly.



Wide leg jeans would look great with shell tops, a plain white tee, came tops, and turtle neck sweaters for a smarter look. When it comes to shoes however, I would stick to heels – Wearing flats with these jeans may not be as flattering as they would with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans. Therefore i would stick to heels or even mules with a slight heel on them and flats provided the risk of looking short and frumpy.

4. High waisted skinny jeans

I’m not going to go into much detail for this style because they could look great paired with absolutely anything and everything. They are perfect for pairing with crop tops if you don’t want to show any skin, perfect for sweater and t-shirts and he list goes on. But my favourite way of styling high waisted skinny jeans is with a cute top tucked in, as the high waisted feature is very flattering its best to showcase that beautiful figure of yours!



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  1. All great tips! Thanks for the inspo!!

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  2. Love a good pair of denim in any style. They are forever classic!

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  4. D Albert says:

    Always love wearing jeans, great post and I followed you and can you also check out my blog and if you like it do follow :*


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