Here’s a little part 2 to my previous post, which was very optimistic. So I decided to ruin that by sharing with you THE WORST ONLINE SHOPPING SITES! The following may have cute clothing for extremely low prices, but through my various experiences, they have terrible quality and customer service …


I’ve seen ads for this site EVERYWHERE. SO, i decided to have look, and  dont be fooled, although they have very similair clothes to ASOS and topshop for under £10, it’s a very unreliable site. There’s been multiple reviews stating people have recieved wrong sizes, no refunds or exchanges recieved, terrible customer service ad even paying for items that never arrived. Plus the return process is known to be outrageous. Many customers have said that shein INTENTIONALLY stalls/delays and makes returns impossible so ustomers will keep the unwanted items.



I was initially attracted to this site and I saw a myriad of youtubers promoting it and giving positive reviews about their clothing. I was extrmely close to purchasing some clothing because they had a nice selection and of excellent quality – HOWEVER almost all of their reviews  state items recived do not match their images online, some items never show up or are damaged, horrible cutsomer service, and no chance for a refund!!



This may be a shocker to some of you, considering it’s an extremely popular site and a very mainstream clothing brand. I have purchased so much from missguided in the past, and i havn’t had the best experinece. Especialy recently. First of all the quality is not consistent it can range from awful – satisfactory. Despite paying for next day delivery it has still taken 3 days for my parcel to arrive. A few weeks ago, it was the last straw –  I recieved all 3 of my parcels from missguided and wasn’t satisfied with any of the clothing. So, on the same day i returned the parcels, yet i still haven’t got my money back, 3 WEEKS LATER! I looked further into this and have now realised I’m not the only one with bad experiences from missguided, there have been multiple reviews stating long delivery times, bad quality, wrong sizes and items not matching up with the picture online – which has also happened to me. Missguided has also been caught in a recent scandal…

Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 17.30.49 I find this absolutely disgusting. After advertising their products as ‘faux fur’ real cat fur has been found in their clothing line. I will no longer be purchasing anything from missguided, and I’m still awaiting my refund 😦

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